Saturday, April 14, 2012

My New Ford Fiesta

For the first time in my life I have a brand new car! Not a new used care but absolutely new. Technically it's not *my* car since I'm leasing it, but so what? I think of it as mine, all mine!
I got to pick the color: violet/gray. And it has all sorts of great features, like it tells me how many miles I have left to go before the tank is empty. It even tells me what song is playing on the radio. It gets 38mpg on the highway, all the repairs and maintenance and property taxes are covered in the lease payments, and it just plain runs great! Time to head out for a drive


  1. That’s a great choice! I’m sure you are very happy the day you got that car. It looks very beautiful, and it’s definitely not lacking in amenities. Leasing a car is definitely wise decision, especially if you don’t want to worry about the cost of repairs and maintenance. Have a great time driving!

    **Erwin Calverley

  2. Getting a brand new car on your own is a great achievement. I’m sure your sense of accomplishment was only matched by how happy you were with the car itself. I think the car you picked is a great choice. I love that charcoal color, and that streamlined front means it can run properly even on high speeds.

    ~ Naomi Champy

  3. Those are the huge advantages when you’re leasing a car. You don’t have to worry about repairs, maintenance and even property taxes. In contrast, purchasing it gives you the burden of owning a car. On the other hand, you can be sure the vehicle is truly taken care of. Anyway, that’s a smart decision!

    >Carry Bacot