Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maine State Line

While vacationing in northern New England we decided on a drive into the very western fringes of Maine. Probably an area most tourists have never even heard of since the coast is where people usually choose to visit. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Blue skies, temperatures in the fifties and the bugs haven't really woken up yet so it was a great day to be out driving around.

We enjoyed looking down at the Androscoggin River as it flowed along just below the embankment of route 2 and then route 26. We passed dormant campgrounds that would soon be filled with the smell of woodsmoke as people connect with the remote outdoors. Shabby buildings offering antiques appeared every few miles just outside of very small towns that actually had no strip malls or chain stores. What a concept!

Ah, but nothing is ever perfect and while there may have been plenty of peace and quiet on this sleepy Maine road, there was also a little construction too, and we found ourselves sitting in a minor traffic jam for just a few dusty minutes until it was our turn to pass through. No matter though, since I was able to sit back and look out at the rolling pine cover hills, watch the river water flow smoothly over hundreds of slick, shiny rocks and glance at some of the worn-out, rusty wares being offered at a nearby antiques barn. The air was fresh and filled with unspoiled earthy scents (except near the spot where they were working on the road) and it was nice being in a remote area so far from home, even for just a little while.

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