Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day In The (new) Life...

It was one of those hard weeks that makes you actually appreciate boredom. I had paced the floors for two nights, jumping up to look for text messages from my daughter, there were plenty, and I still got up early to go to work.

My daughter was having her second baby, my first grandson, and although she was suffering from terrible contractions, as little as five minutes apart, the hospital staff sent her home...twice, but before the second night was over she was back at the hospital and this time they saw it was for real.

After work I went straight to the hospital and spent all afternoon and evening marveling at the new addition to the world, little Gary junior. Two days later I was back at the hospital helping to get Gary packed and ready to venture beyond the walls that had kept him safe for his very first hours of life. I had the privilege of taking little Gary for his first ride home (and I was lucky enough to do the same for my first granddaughter nearly two years ago) but there were still everyday chores to get done, like grocery shopping, and this week that job was well overdo and couldn't be put off any longer. I drove into the city and helped the new mom, dad and baby into their apartment and then joined the many hundreds of people flowing out of the city, who like me were heading for home.

The afternoon was waning but close to home I saw this stand loaded with tulips and spring flowers for sale and I decided that no matter how busy I had been all week I just had to stop and look at these flowers waving in the late afternoon sun. I walked around the flowers looking at all the beautiful colors; white, yellow, red and all the greens, and I watched them blowing in the wind and basking in the sun. Once again I came to realize that there is no point coming into this world, like Gary just did, if you don't take in the wonderful things that are around us everyday we breathe.

I'll keep this picture for Gary and one day show him the flower that lived and bloomed on the very same days he started on his own journey under the sun.

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