Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spring ain't all good!

We recently took a memorial Day weekend trip to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. When we arrived in the late afternoon we were shocked to see so many roads closed. What was going on?? After several detours along potholed dirt roads and through darkening forests we finally arrived at the general store we always visit when in St. Johnsbury (which is usually just minutes from the motel) and we were told of a horrific thunderstorm that had passed through the area the night before. We were told that 5 inches of rain fell in just 2 hours. Creeks had flooded causing roads everywhere to collapse and many of the dirt roads had washed out. The next day we visited a local campground run by people we had met on one of our earliest visits several years past and were saddened to see the destruction caused to their property which sits next to the Moose River.

So truth of the matter is...Spring can actually suck sometimes!

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