Sunday, March 29, 2009

When The Adventures Never End

When we got out of the car, in this Rhode Island state forest, my daughter immediately spotted a giant rock near the lake shore and within seconds had climbed to the top. I kept repeating "be careful" but meanwhile I was a little envious. How great it must be to have the kind of adventurous spirit that comes with being a kid. I kind of remember what it was like, climbing everything, exploring everything and fearing nothing. Getting "filthy dirty" (as my mom would say) and not have to be thinking about the tons of laundry piling up at home or if your hair will still be clean enough for work on Monday.

A real vacation for us adults would be to travel back in time and be a kid again for just a week. I would love it! To spend the days playing until dirty and exhausted, and even after the sun has set, when everything is growing dark, to still be running around knowing every minute Mom doesn't call for you is another minute of pure fun. To have one of those great days where you tell your Mom that you wished it would never end as she's carting away your soiled play clothes. Now that would be a vacation!

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